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BIM Technology

As a direct result of our clients drive for efficiency, we have used BIM technology to develop all of our projects since 2008. BIM has delivered proven efficiencies for our clients over the years and those benefits and efficiencies are increasing all the time.

Working in a 3D collaborative environment using Autodesk Revit, gives us far more detail and understanding of our designs. It gives the added benefits to provide visually exciting HD animations, and to support the team in providing more accurate cost and energy information from inception.

Architectural, structural and services models can be integrated to enable regular assessment of cost, energy performance and build ability. We develop programme and phasing with the contractor for the end user and FM data can be embedded for efficient management and maintenance.

James & WARD Ltd have pioneered in the application of BIM technology for large retail clients and still to this day play an integral part to the delivery of BIM within the retail sector. Now investing R&D into Asset & Facilities Management and the data exchange process.

As Architectural Consultants we provide full architectural services which naturally include BIM to aid our own design, always adding benefits to Clients and end users. To see what we could offer your next project, please get in touch.

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