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Are you thinking of



• What do you like about you current home?

• What don’t you like?

• Are there parts you love: light, cosy spaces, open spaces, storage?

• Are there parts you hate: no storage, dark, its cold, costs for energy?

• Do you love your furniture – list what you love, measure it?

• Is there furniture on your wish list – find the sizes and write it down

• What about the outside, what do you love, what do you hate?

• What would make your home and life better?


Very quickly you have created a brief, now how to achieve it?



Referencing your brief, ask yourself the following:


  a) Is this an immediate goal or is it long term over a number of years.

  b) Where are you in your life? Are there some changes that may result on the need for a bigger home or even a smaller home?

  c) Can I make changes to my current home to meet the brief, or is my only option to move?

  d) What money do I have? Do I do bits at a time?


Now a plan, how do I move this forward?



• You will need to have a design, work out sizes of spaces, door and window locations, circulation space, flows etc..

• You may need to submit a planning application to prevent difficulty in future selling of the property and prevent potential planning     enforcement which could lead to ultimately demolition of the works.

• You may need building regulation approval of the works

• You will need to think of Health and Safety as client responsibilities now exist under legislation for residential works

• It makes sense to check you are getting a correct price for the works so you should send out a pack of information to builders and       gain their price for carrying out the works (at least 3)

• Make sure a contract is in place for the works between yourself and the builder. This clearly agrees what everyone expects,                   provides information on warranties, defects period, time period for works and any other items that are important to the project

   (For example – are you moving out during the works or not?)

• During the works ensure the builder is building what you want and to the standard expected.

• Manage the builder requests for payment, making sure you are paying for the works completed and to the standard required.

• At completion agree with builder all works are complete and to a standard.

• After 12months agree defects review and making good.

We hope these points are of help, they are to be used for guidance only.

We suggest all projects require the relevant specialists to assist and determine all works that may be

required to meet all regulations.

Use our expertise 

We are here to help, just call or email
01785 540150


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